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Dream Abroad Educational Consultants has managed to find a space among the existing reputed agents and has become one among the most preferred and trusted consultants for abroad study. What makes us unique and special is that if you have a calling to study and settle abroad, we have an option based on your profile. Whether you have long educational gaps,  budget issues, poor academic background- we have a destination to choose from, based on your profile and requirement.

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Reviews From Students

amal philip georgeamal philip george
18:51 08 May 23
I recently used the services of Dream Abroad consultancy to assist me in obtaining a student visa for my studies in uk and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with their level of service and expertise.From the initial consultation to the final stages of the visa application process, they provided me with excellent support and guidance every step of the way. They were knowledgeable about the visa requirements and they made sure that I had all the necessary documents and information to complete the application and ensure a smooth and stress-free experience.Overall, I would highly recommend Dream Abroad to anyone seeking assistance with a student visa application. Their professionalism, expertise and exceptional service truly made a satisfying experience and I am grateful for their help.
Austin ThomasAustin Thomas
13:03 28 Mar 23
I highly recommend Dream Abroad for any assistance regarding abroad studies. They offer great and wonderful service, and all their staffs are very friendly. It was absolutely hassle free experience throughout the process. The team who guided me throughout the entire process friendly and professionally and they deserve a great applause. They were very much committed and answered our questions and concerns swiftly and accurately. Thank you so much 🥰
Benjith K EapenBenjith K Eapen
10:54 16 Jan 23
Had a good experience. From the beginning, got a positive response from Dream abroad Changanacherry staff's. The interview team was well supportive & made me comfortable before the main interview & Documentation team guided me for arranging all the needed documents and cleared my queries. So i definitely suggest Dream abroad team for the students those who plan for overseas education. Thank you so much
Sobin ChackoSobin Chacko
07:23 07 Jan 23
I had a great experience and i got the offer letter and visa without any delay. At the beginning itself I got a positive response from Dream abroad Changanacherry team ,after all i planned about it. The interview team was well dedicated and supportive and the documentation team guide me for arranging all the needed documents and and they keeps a very good follow up in each stage.An excellent experience from a great team.
Ebin MartinEbin Martin
05:36 27 Dec 22
Best consultancy if you're looking for abroad studies. The executives are friendly and they are really dedicated to find us an appropriate University, especially Sofia ma'am, all I did was give her my documents and she did the rest. She shortlisted me many universities according to my choice so that I could choose the best University. Another important aspect was the interview process, they prepared me well for the interview, especially, Elsitta ma'am , she made sure that I was thorough with all the questions and I performed really well for the interview. Documentation team is also the best. They made my process easy and made sure I didn't face any difficulties during the process.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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Studying abroad offers numerous benefits such as the chance to experience a different culture, develop language skills, broaden your worldview, gain independence, enhance employability, and make lifelong connections with people from diverse backgrounds.

Study abroad program durations can vary depending on the type of program and academic requirements. They can range from a few weeks (short-term programs) to a full academic year or more.

Yes, many study abroad programs are offered in English or have language courses for non-native speakers. However, studying in a country where the local language is spoken provides an excellent opportunity to improve language skills.

Choosing the right study abroad program involves considering factors such as academic goals, destination preferences, program duration, language requirements, financial considerations, and support services provided by program providers or universities.

Study abroad consultancies provide guidance and support throughout the entire study abroad process. They can assist with university research and application, visa and immigration support, scholarship information, accommodation options, and general advice to help students make informed decisions and have a smooth study abroad experience.

Funding your study abroad experience can be achieved through various means. Some options include scholarships and grants specifically designed for study abroad, financial aid programs, part-time work opportunities while studying, savings, and support from family or sponsors.